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Thank you for your service to Michigan State University!

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Monday, October 10, Renee Rivard, Director of Total Compensation and Wellness for MSU HR. MSU Retiree Benefits Open Enrollment for 2017 Calendar Year.

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Communicate with fellow Retirees on Facebook!

You do not need a Facebook account to view what others are doing. If you have an account, you can post pictures and/or descriptions of what you have been doing since retiring from MSU. Especially let us know what volunteer activities you perform. If you are shy or doubtful about posting on Facebook, send your pictures or information to or call (517) 353-7896 and we will post it for you. Mobile users be sure to click on visitor posts below photos to see other retiree posts.


MSU retirees and their spouses are automatically members of the MSURA for life.    There are no dues, but donations will help make MSURA better.

Continue your connection to Michigan State University by participating in the MSU Retirees Association.    We especially hope you attend the monthly programs from September to May.


msura board 15-16

MSURA 2015-2016 Board

Front Row (left to right): Brenda Spackman, Nancy Craig, Mike Gardner, Liz Thomas, Gale Gower, Al LeBlanc, Angela Brown, Rick Vogt, Darlene Wenner

Back Row (left to right): Ron Smith, Patrick Scheetz, Jerry Hull, Chuck Webb, John Forsyth, Trish Horn, Anders Johanson, Dave Brower, Marilyn Rothert

Help improve MSURA.  Make a tax deductible donation to MSURA (fund AB272). (Click here, then search for Retirees)


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MSU Retirees Association
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