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GREATER LANSING AREA SENIORS PROGRAMS Delta Township: 39'ers, 517-484-5600, 4538 Elizabeth Rd, Lansing MI 48917. Email:  

East Lansing: Prime Time Seniors' Program, 517-337-1113, 819 Abbot Rd, East Lansing MI 48823. Email: Web site:

Meridian Township: Meridian Senior Center, 517-706-5045, 4000 N Okemos Rd, Okemos MI 48864. Email: Web site: Facebook:  

US Government site on Identity Theft

Two-factor authentication is a new system used by MSU for safeguarding paychecks, banking and W-2 information.  Since this does NOT affect most retirees, there is NO need for MSU retirees to sign up for  two-factor authentication; MSU retirees will sign into the EBS system as they always have for making benefits decisions. That said, if the retiree is still working at MSU, they will use two-factor authentication to access EBS as any employee will. The website set up to help and answer questions regarding two factor authentication is: 
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MSU Energy Transition Plan

2015 board

From the top:  Patrick Sheetz, Chuck Webb, David Brower, John Forsyth, Rick Vogt, Ron Smith, Jacque Babcock, Gale Gower, Angie Brown, Louise Selanders, Trish Horn, Al LeBlanc, Mike Gardner, Etta Abrahams, Darlene Wenner, Nancy Craig and Jerry Hull.

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