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MSURA's e-Notices are published twice each month. Primary editions are published 10-14 days prior to the Member Meeting. Optional editions, if warranted by pending announcements, are published mid-way between the primary editions.

Proposed announcements should be 200 or fewer characters in length and, whenever possible, be accompanied by a link to a web page where readers can obtain additional information. (The web link is not counted in the 200 characters.) If a web link is not available, please provide a contact name with email address and/or phone number with area code, so readers can obtain additional information.

The deadlines for announcements are six days prior to the e-Notices publication dates. Submit proposed announcements or to SUBSCRIBE, UNSUBSCRIBE, or CHANGE an email address for delivery of eNotices to the e-Notices Editor via email:

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Note: Any MSURA member that has a Facebook account can post announcements to MSURA's Facebook page:

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